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Rink Booking System

Rink Booking System - (revised 9th June 2020)

The rink booking system is a critical part of our Covid-19 playing rules.  

It is there to ensure that we have no more than 12 players on the green at any one time, and that there is sufficient time for one set of players to leave before the next set of players arrives, in order to avoid congestion.

Members should not visit the club unless they have a confirmed booking for that time.

Rinks may be booked for 1 hour 40 minutes playing time, and the start times of the bookings allow 10 minutes before the booked start time for players to arrive and 10 minutes after the end of the 1 hour 40 minutes playing time for players to leave.

Bookable time "slots" are as follows:

Mondays:        Rinks 1,3,5   14.00-15.40, 16.00-17.40, 18.00-19.40 

Tuesdays:       Rinks 2,4,6   12.00-13.40, 14.00-15.40, 16.00-17.40, 18.00-19.40

Wednesdays:  Rinks 1,3,5   12.00-13.40, 14.00-15.40, 16.00-17.40, 18.00-19.40

Thursdays:      Rinks 2,4,6   12.00-13.40, 14.00-15.40, 16.00-17.40, 18.00-19.40

Fridays:           Rinks 1,3,5   12.00-13.40, 14.00-15.40, 16.00-17.40, 18.00-19.40

Saturdays:       Rinks 2,4,6   10.00-11.40, 12.00-13.40, 14.00-15.40, 16.00-17.40, 18.00-19.40

Sundays:         Rinks 1,3,5   10.00-11.40, 12.00-13.40, 14.00-15.40, 16.00-17.40, 18.00-19.40

Only three rinks will be in use at any time.

To book a rink you will need to phone the booking agent between 5pm and 6.30pm on the day before the day you are playing, as follows:.

To play on a Monday, please phone Anne Tyzack on 02476 502523 between 5pm and 6.30pm on the Sunday before.

To play on a Tuesday, please phone Brenda Carlton on 07956 606473 between 5pm and 6.30pm on the Monday before.

To play on a Wednesday, please phone Martin Hammond on 07443 947590 between 5pm and 6.30pm on the Tuesday before.

To play on a Thursday, please phone Wallace Stein on 07962 208016 between 5pm and 6.30pm on the Wednesday before.

To play on a Friday, please phone George Matthew on 07999 801262 between 5pm and 6.30pm on the Thursday before.

To play on a Saturday, please phone Peter Tomlinson on 07788 490580 between 5pm and 6.30pm on the Friday before.

To play on a Sunday, phone Ella Johnson on 07516 839299 between 5pm and 6.30pm on the Saturday before.

Although bookings will be limited to 2 per paid member per week, members may make a third booking providing they call after 6pm.

When booking, please do not leave messages or send texts requesting bookings.  You will need to speak to the booking agent, who will be able to tell you that the rink is available and will confirm the booking with you.

To maximise playing opportunities for members as a whole, please play with someone else wherever possible.

We will need the name of your playing partner, but if you do not know it at the time of booking, or it subsequently changes, please let the booking agent know prior to playing.  This may be done by phone, text or email.

If you need the phone number of another player please ring  Martin Hammond (07443 947590), Ella Johnson (07516 839299), George Matthew (07999 801262) or Sue Scott (07799 961011).  

We would like to give priority to "working" members to book weekday evening booking times (18.00-19.30).  Unless you are still working, please do not book a weekday evening rink for the first half hour of booking time, i.e. not before 5.30pm.  If you are still working, and want an evening slot, please try to ring between 5.00 and 5.30pm.

Please play only on the rink you have booked.

There are a total of 87 bookable rinks per week, so there should be plenty of opportunity to play, but there is likely to be some congestion around popular times and the booking phone lines may run a little "hot".

Please be patient if we have a few teething problems - we will try to improve it as we gain more experience of how it works.